About us

W.J. Spaargaren b.v. was founded by Willem Spaargaren as an export nursery. The third generation, Rupert Spaargaren runs the company now, which is still located at Laag Boskoop 11.
W.J. Spaargaren b.v. is exporting mainly to the U.S.A., Canada, Japan and the European market. As a family business, together with permanent staff members, we are able to satisfy, effectively a multitude of demands for different countries and customers. New varieties are a specialty within the total package of nursery plants, consisting shrubs, conifers and perennials.

Numerous varieties are produced especially for us. It allows us to offer a very wide range of high quality products. Our assortment is larger than you are able to find in our wholesale catalogue.
We are travelling around the world to America, Europe, China and Japan searching for new varieties. By watching the markets on these continents we have access to new and exciting varieties.